The Fundamentals of Basketball

Fundamentals of Basketball

  • Objective
  • Basketball is a sport where two teams of five players each attempt to score points by sending the basketball through a hoop that is ten feet above the ground.
  • The Court
  • The basketball court is a rectangular floor with a hoop on either end. The court is divided by the mid-court line. The offensive team has to get the ball into play over the mid-court line within ten seconds after getting the ball behind the line. Otherwise, the defensive team will be given possession of the ball.
  • Moving the Ball
  • The ball can only be moved by either passing or dribbling. Simply grabbing and running with the ball is not allowed. However, the ball can be stolen, deflected, or rebounded.
  • Making a Basket
  • When a basket is made, the team who made the basket scores two points. The ball is then given to the other team. The exceptions to this rule are if a basket is made outside of the three-point arc, at which point the basket is worth three points, and if a free throw is made, worth one point. A team will be allowed a free throw if the opposing team has committed a foul. Two or three free throws will be allowed to the shooter if he or she has been fouled.
  • Each team has to defend one of the baskets while simultaneously try to score points in the opposing basket. However, at halftime, the two teams switch baskets.

Soccer for Beginners

If you are new to the game of soccer and want to get involved with the sport, or otherwise know somebody close who wants to themselves, then this will be an excellent read for you.


  • The Basics
  • Soccer is played all around the world. It is also closely related to rugby and American football, as they all originated from the same game. But out of the three, the rules for soccer are definitely the most rigid. They can only be changed by a meeting of the representatives in the United Kingdom, making the rules extremely straightforward and very rare to change. The game is also called “football” in other countries outside of the U.S; it is known as soccer in the United States in order to avoid confusion with another popular sport, American football. However, the term ‘soccer’ was used in the United Kingdom before the 1970s.


  • The Field
  • Just like baseball, there are no field dimensions in the game of soccer. Instead, there are maximum and minimum dimension requirements for soccer Livescore Bola, and any field can be selected that fits these requirements appropriately. The maximum length of a field that is allowed in soccer is one hundred and thirty yards, and the maximum width that is allowed is one hundred yards. Most soccer fields, however, are at one hundred yards in length and roughly seventy yards in width. But regardless of the size of the soccer field, the goal must be eight feet by eight feet, and must sit in a box that is six yards long in front of the goal. This is why most soccer fields are the length that they are, in order to provide adequate playing space in relation to the goals and the goal boxes.